This page is replacing the  P.D.R. Facebook page

We will be updating the website quite a bit over the next few weeks, so please do not be concerned if the site is offline for a short period of time.


UPDATE 07/10/2018

We have uploaded video of the TCM liquid filled record on the product page . We are pressing extra copies due to demand.


Unfortunately there is a delay with the LFR. There was some quality issues with the records, and I was not comfortable with shipping them out to customers

So we have decided to start again.

The good news is we are using the same plant we hired to press the standard vinyl for TCM,NOTC and Galaxy to press the clear vinyl needed for LFR.  Stampers already exist for these releases.. So turn around is VERY quick.

The clear vinyl will then ship directly from the plant to be assembled and made into LFR.  We have hired someone else who has a proven track record of making LFR .


On the advice of the person making the liquid filled records. we are changing the design to make them look more unique.


TCM Will be pressed on clear vinyl with red splatter, and then filled with red oil. A test pressing of this variant is currently in production, and we will have video and pictures to post soon.


NOTC is being pressed on clear vinyl, with pink splatter, and filled with purple oil.

We will update the product page with new images very soon.

The design for XTRO and Galaxy of Terror LFR is not changing

We totally understand the wait time for LFR has been insane.. If you would like to cancel your order, and request a refund, please send a email to

We will be in a position to start to ship LFR in about 3 weeks due to the July 4th holiday coming up.

The Stuff and The Exterminator 

Both records are being pressed on 07/09/2018, and will ship to us a few days later once they have cured.

Subscription 2018

Sub stiles will be released at the end of July 2018

Lastly..  We would like to apologize to everybody for the delays.  We have had a horrible time dealing with plants, who failed to press our projects on time. causing us some serious problems. 

Thankfully we were able to a hire a very trustworthy plant here in the US, and they manged to press TCM,NOTC and Galaxy over a short period of time and delivered a excellent product we hope you are happy with.