• Image of Spettro Family : Glow in the Dark
  • Image of Spettro Family : Glow in the Dark
  • Image of Spettro Family : Glow in the Dark
  • Image of Spettro Family : Glow in the Dark

Limited edition LP, featuring a selection of Spettro Family tracks, pressed on BLACK/GREEN FLORESCENT vinyl. 250 copies are being pressed


The album is set to drop mid September.

Purchase of vinyl includes a free digital download on Bandcamp!


The Giggler
1978 LA Fuga
Haunted Zurich
Brasov Black Biserica ( New Intro)
Manhattan Baby
Glow in The Dark
Disco Sabba
Villa Sarina


Spettro Family was born in January 2008 and it's the solo project of the italian
composer Stefano Paolucci Iannone, better know as Steve Spettro .
Since the beginning he started to play and experiment with vintage analogic synthesizers
and recording obscure melodies on analogic gears as well : he did some cult releases mostly on 7" and cassette.
We don't know much about this enigmatic figure apart he doesn't like garlic very much and loves
to take long walks in the woods at night.
So far he did live shows both in Europe and US, from New York to Berlin an soon he could play in a town
near to you.

Stay Horror

Also available on Bandcamp !


We have managed to reduce the shipping costs to Europe, for the Spettro Family LP.  All orders for customers based in Europe, will be shipped by Spettro Family themselves. Price for shipping from Europe is $9.00. Those customers based in Europe, who have already placed a order for the LP will receive a partial refund of shipping charges.


The image of the vinyl is a digital mock up.. The design is subject to change.

(Please note, the wax is NOT glow in the dark. that is just the title of the album.)

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