• Image of SFERRO : All Things Converge LP
  • Image of SFERRO : All Things Converge LP
  • Image of SFERRO : All Things Converge LP
  • Image of SFERRO : All Things Converge LP
  • Image of SFERRO : All Things Converge LP

P.D.R. and Rosso Corsa are proud to announce SFERRO All Things Converge LP!

The release, will be pressed on florescent pink vinyl, and limited to 200 copies worldwide. We have also added 50 Neon Pink/Neon Green florescent split. This variant is very limited.!

Release date date is mid to late January 2018. due to delays with the plant. Please visit the PDR Facebook page to read the press release. https://www.facebook.com/PureDestructiveRecords


When Sferro hacks the mainframe of his ex-employer to prove his work was stolen by another executive, he finds himself on a much bigger adventure. Beamed inside a power-hungry master control program, he joins computer gladiators on a deadly game grid, complete with high-velocity "light cycles" and Tron, a specialized security program. Together they fight the ultimate battle with the MCP to decide the fate of both the electronic world and the real world!


1. Blue Heaven
2. Werk 4 Luv
3. Emerald Night Shift
4. Dress to the Nines (feat. Highway Superstar)
5. Komikku Bukku
6. Court of the Twelve Trees (feat. Phono Ghosts)
7. Runway Pose
8. Ollie North
9. Under Pastel Skies
10. All Things Converge



Project is a work in progress, order of track-list may change, along with some minor changes to the artwork.

The vinyl is florescent...it is not glow in the dark. You will need a black light in order for it to glow.

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