• Image of Galaxy of Terror (Original Soundtrack) Vinyl
  • Image of Galaxy of Terror (Original Soundtrack) Vinyl
  • Image of Galaxy of Terror (Original Soundtrack) Vinyl
  • Image of Galaxy of Terror (Original Soundtrack) Vinyl


Pure Destructive Records is proud to announce, for the first time ever, in any format..Galaxy of Terror original soundtrack!.

There will be two variants pressed. 150 orange/red swirl and 150 black. Both will be pressed on 180 gm vinyl

Release date date is Mid January 2018. due to delays with the plant. Please visit the PDR Facebook page to read the press release. https://www.facebook.com/PureDestructiveRecords

Tracklist :

1. Main Titles and Death of the Remus Crewman; in the Master's Study
2. Quuhod's Death
3. Damia's Death
4. Exploration Music : Discovery of the Spaceship Remus
5. Alluma's Death
6. The Cathedral Chamber : Magic Stairway to the Inner Chamber
7. Monsters of the Red World
8. Discovery and Exploration of the Pyramid
9. The Commander's Death
10. Baalon's Death.

Over the past few weeks, P.D.R has been working directly with the composer of the score..Barry Schrader. With Barry's knowledge and help, this project is now becoming a reality!

Galaxy of Terror is a 1981 Roger Corman Sci Fi, staring a very young Robert Englund and Sid Haid.

Roger Corman has started the careers of many prominent Hollywood people with his films. Galaxy of Terror was one of the earliest films for director James Cameron, who served as Production Designer and Second Unit Director on the film. It was the second Corman film on which Cameron worked as a crewman

Dedicated to the memory of


who played "Alluma" in the movie.

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