A : Release dates are estimates only.. There are many production issues that can occur in vinyl manufacturing which are well outside of human control, and these delays CAN delay a project, sometimes significantly.  P.D.R will keep you updated, if there is a delay with any order.

In a nutshell, patience is needed..P.D.R does not offer refunds if a project is delayed, unless the project is significantly delayed..IE More then 6 weeks.

P.D.R. does not ship during the entire month of December. The estore will be closed from Dec 1st -Jan 1st.

Q : A re your titles fully licensed ?

A : ALL P.D.R releases are 100% legal.. Licensing is arranged before, we announce any new title. 

Q : Do you offer a subscription service ?

A : At this time we do not..however we are considering it for 2018.  Please check this website on a regular basis for updates on subscription service.

Q : What is the best way to contact P.D.R if I have any questions.

A : The best way to contact us is to send a email to puredestructiverecords@gmail.com.